Breaking Up is Hard to Do

Dear Snow,
Thank you so much for coming just in time to give me a lovely picture-postcard Christmas. So festive! So thoughtful! The after Christmas visit was fun--perfect for sledding and hey! who's going to complain about a few extra days of Christmas break? You are the life of the party!
So, here's the thing. To be honest--you have overstayed your welcome. Now you are just getting on my nerves. I have places to go, things to do and there you are--blocking the driveway, causing hazardous road conditions. Piling up in mountainous heaps. 

Oh, there was a time when you were so picturesque. 
So breath-taking.
 Full of wonder and beauty.

But you know, the dog would like to get a potty break without freezing his paws. 
He's a California pup and is a little baffled by the never ending white stuff. 

You've just about reached the top of our fountain now. 
Aren't you satisfied yet?

There is no place left for the snow plows to pile you! 
And you know, it pains me to have to tell you, but you are starting to look grubby and dirty.

The wood pile! Come on! 
We need that wood to stay warm.
 Your Arctic embrace is chilling us all to the bone. 

Seriously, pack your bags and go. Give me some space. 
It really isn't attractive to be so clingy and desperate. 
Maybe by next Christmas I will be ready to welcome you back with open arms.
For now, let me soften the blow with 'It's not you it's me'.

No, it's you.



pcnerdy said…
Yeesh. That is too much snow. Hope it starts to clear up soon.

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