Here We Go Again

The Gale Academy of Classical Education is on hiatus for the week so here is an opportunity to do some catching up. 
A list of recent happenings:

We found out that we have a couple of more Gale grandbabies on the way. 
Always joyous news! The Seth and Taylor Gale family have officially announced. That sweet little blessing is due in September. 
That is all I am authorized to say. 

Sam is almost finished with his freshman year at BYU. We got this notice in the mail:

He was invited into BYU's honor society due to his
"...early academic achievement at Brigham Young University"
He joins Siara who also earned that prestigious honor. 

He received his mission call to the California, Los Angeles (Spanish speaking) Mission. He reports to the Mexico City MTC June 11th. 

Spencer will be graduating from BYU next week.

 We are heading out to Utah for graduation and during our whirlwind trip, Andy will ordain Sam an Elder and we will all go to the temple with him to receive his endowment. So, overlapping happy family milestones! 
Spencer has earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Chemical Engineering and he and Adrianna will be heading out to Wisconsin to begin gainful employment right after graduation. Well done! Graduation and a real job! 

Also, this happened:
General Conference with CONFERENCE BINGO!
They ate all the Skittles right away so coloring was a fun way to fill in the squares.

Scott and Nicole and fam were here for Conference livening
things up for us.

I got to spend a week with these two princesses.
There was a lot of Frozen going on around here--
including some fun braided hairstyles.

Norah made the crown and dubbed herself
"Queen Norah"
She also planned a party. When she read the announcement and invitation she was
so cute, Shane and I laughed. She became quite indignant 
and decreed:
"No laughing at Norah! No laughing at the party!"
It was hard not to defy her Royal Decree!

This was the creative party favor she came up with.

These two loved sleeping in the "Big pretty bed" and were
merciful on their old Nana and slept really well. Bailey had some
growing pains the last night so I moved Norah to another room and laid down beside Bailey to rub her feet and her leg. At one point she was crying and I felt so
bad for her. I asked her if she wanted to say a prayer and she wailed,
"Nana, I can only do one thing at a time and I am crying right now!"

And, in conclusion,  you may already know that this is also going on around here:
Another move...
Clear back across the continent to
Deja vu. 

Another job lured Andy away and he started there last Monday. 
Shane and I shall hold down the fort here until someone buys the fort.
I am in denial--the first step in the mourning process. 
Although I have done a lot of packing in spite of my delusional thinking.
I will let you know how it goes.

In the meantime, we have  been blessed beyond measure in so many ways I am going to trust that we will be where we need to be and our family will continue to grow and progress in all the ways we need to.


Anna said…
Whaaaaaat?! The fact that you're moving back to Cali ALMOST distracted me from the fact that you didn't give all the deets about the new grandbabIES. WHO WHO WHO???

Lots of good stuff in this post!

ps. Spencer went to the same mission as Peter (Peter went Lao speaking) and Sam is going to the same mission that Peter's brother went to (Spanish speaking as well).
Lisa said…
I still can't believe you are moving! Those two princesses are so sweet. Cute Bailey - That's how I feel when I'm crying. It's about all a girl can handle at one time!
mamagale said…
So does Peter have any other brothers who served missions? If so then we know where Shane is going :) What a random coincidence!
mamagale said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
mamagale said…
The above comment was deleted by the author because for some reason the ipad posted my comment twice...I do often repeat myself but I don't appreciate technology doing for me!
Anna said…
hahaha! Peter's only got the one brother. :)
Melanie said…
What an exciting time full of so many changes! What area will you be moving to? Please say Poway!
Melanie said…
Oh, and your granddaughters are beautiful! We have a ton of fun with all the little girls at my house!

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