Fresh From Heaven

We welcomed a new little grandbaby to the Gale Family:

Mabel Sienna was born to Seth and Taylor
last Saturday morning.
She weighed 6 lb. 4 oz.

Mama Taylor had a short labor and delivery and the 
proud parents were holding their sweet daughter seven hours
after Taylor's water broke in the wee hours of Saturday morn--

So Precious! And look at that hair!

Mother and daughter

Aunt Siara stopped by to visit.

Here's a blurry, pixelated picture of Seth as a newborn--
just to make note of the hair similarity... was cropped from this awesome picture of Seth being
welcomed by his older siblings. 

I have to wait a couple of weeks to welcome this newest little one in person--her early arrival caught us all a little off guard. I am dying to get her in my arms and start the Nana spoiling!


Nicole said…
She does look so much like Seth! And Siara's outfit is amazing in that picture of all of you!
mamagale said…
Acid wash jeans and a puff-painted shirt of her own creation. Siara was a fashion icon from an early age.

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