Out of the Mouth of the Truthist

We had the missionaries over for dinner yesterday. Shane doesn't love being the last one at home and having to be social in situations where it is just me and him and other adults, but he was very mature about it and was a good host at dinner.

 After dinner they shared a spiritual thought with us. They talked about the power of the Book of Mormon for changing lives and then asked us our thoughts on that. I didn't want Shane to feel pressured to say something so I shared a few experiences and then I looked at Shane and realized he had something to say. So I said, "I kind of blathered on there--did you have something to add?"

And he said:
"When I was 11 years old, I decided to read the Book of Mormon on my own. I read at night when it was very quiet and I could really take it in. As I was reading, it felt like a prayer. Heavenly Father was speaking to me through what I was reading and I knew it was true. All of it. That is when I got my  testimony of the scriptures and prophets and everything. I could feel it and I just knew it."

I managed to not embarrass him by bawling my eyes out. 
But it was hard. 


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