Be Prepared!

For FHE this week we dragged out our 72 Hour Kit to go through it and see if we needed to update anything. My how time flies! The change of clothes I had in there for Shane were for the 3-year-old Shane--that was only SEVEN years ago. (Including a pair of 'Winnie the Pooh' underwear-- there's something disturbing about underwear that has Pooh on it). We all had a good laugh over the bright pink and purple jackets that were packed in there. Scott's old Orlando Magic sweatshirt was a big hit. The food was all expired and the Lifesavers were mushy. That would have been a little disheartening when we showed up at the shelter in the midst of some devastating disaster. "Mom, I'm hungry." "Here's some green tuna honey, and just lick those Lifesavers out of the wrapper." We made a list of things we needed to replace. One of the kids suggested we pack cigarettes and coffee. They pointed out that those would be hot commodities to stressed-out nicotine and caffeine addicts. Seth: "Yeah, I've got some cigarettes...that cot you have there looks mighty comfy..."


Nicole said…
Better get rid of that sweatshirt before Scott finds out and wants it back! That's the last thing we need! We love you!

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