Spring is In the Air!

Gentle Reader,

I'm sorry I have been distracted from the computer lately by the great outdoors! I rented a rototiller from Home Depot and got my garden whipped into shape. My arms ache and I've spent the last few days either sweaty and dirty or rain-soaked and muddy (that's the Northwest for you). But I have been loving every minute of it. I start each spring with high hopes: the memories of slug invasions, nasty weeds, plant-devouring deer and out-of-control blackberries from the summer before have dimmed. I look at my garden through rose-colored glasses. The birds are singing, the lilacs smell wonderful and I am ready to start all over again. Dreaming of delicious, sun-ripened tomatoes. Sweet strawberries. Corn that will be knee-high by the 4th of July. Ahhh, hope Springs eternal!


Scott & Nicole said…
That's the picture that I used to show people in Brazil when I talked about my family. I like it.

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