Good-night You Princes of Camas...

A few nights ago I went to tuck in "the boys"-- that's the collective name of our two youngest sons. I went in Sam's room: no Sam. So I walked down the hall to Shane's room I didn't see anyone right off so I turned to leave and then I heard the distinct rustle of Legos. Back in the corner of the room, they were working intently with heads bowed over their creation. Shane glanced up and saw me, and fully comprehending the lateness of the hour and the distance from his bedtime he immediately piped up: "Aren't you glad we're having brotherliness time?"
Sam said, "Yeah, my smoke alarm keeps beeping so I'm bunking with Shane tonight."

I told them it didn't look like any 'bunking' was going on. Then Shane, ever the voice of reason and persuasion says: "But Mom, you know Legos are so good for us-- we are using our imaginations and we're actually cooperating with each other. Plus, they teach us about architecture and don't forget the math skills." (Yeah... let's see if you can figure out how many hours it is past your bedtime). But really, this is one more reason I homeschool-- you need to be able to factor in 'brotherliness' time.

P.S. Gentle Reader, tomorrow I will be posting pictures from my Grandmother's funeral. Those who know us well know that funerals and burials are a little unconventional in be prepared. I am giving fair warning to those who are a little squeamish about these things.


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