Gazing Upon Mortality (Only in Ramah)

This is my Grandmother Idelle's coffin. My Uncle Joel made it for her. She requested that he make her one after he made one for my Grandpa Joe (her husband). I took this picture when I was visiting last October. My Uncle Joel and Uncle Kent and I carried it into my Grandmother Idelle's living room so she could see it and give her approval on it. She is one of the blurry figures in the background. It wasn't varnished yet and he put the handles on it there in the living room. He asked her: "Does it have your approval? Yes or no." She said, "Yes or no." He said, I need to know so I can fix anything you don't like." She said, "It has my approval and then some!"

Later that night she sat straight up in bed and proclaimed: "First order of business tomorrow...get that box out of my living room!" Early the next morning, my Aunt Tami and I carried it out the front door and around to the back of the house and set it on two chairs. So Grandmother could begin her day without having to gaze upon her own coffin.


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