One Man's Trash...

I told you of the amazing hiking experience we had yesterday-- but that was just the first part of the day. There was plenty of daylight left for more Gale Family fun. Because Saturday was the day of the Annual Deer Creek Neighborhood GARAGE SALE! As Andy describes it: "Everyone puts their junk (OK- he said crap) out in their front yard and waits around for someone to come and give them money for it. Then they go to the neighbors' houses and spend the money they made selling their crap to buy the neighbors crap!" We have been Spring Cleaning and getting organized for a possible move -- depending on where Andy gets a job. So we had some odds and ends to offer for sale. The kids get into the spirit of it when they start thinking about making some money. Shane was upset that I wouldn't agree to him selling his bed ("IT'S MINE--I should get money for it if I want to! I can sleep on the floor."--- Practical and enterprising).

Andy and the kids laid out our wares and stood by with hopeful anticipation. The hordes descended half an hour early...circling the neighborhood on the hunt for treasure. I got home from the hike a few hours into it so I took my turn minding the store. I sat in a chair on the porch with the sun shining and a cat in my lap. It gave me a chance to observe human nature in its element. A garage sale is the great equalizer. And at least in our area, part of the 'melting pot' process for all newcomers. "Ah, so this is the American Dream: buying your neighbor's crap (I mean junk) at bargain prices--what a country!" We were all celebrating diversity as we bargained with people from many countries and walks of life right in our own front yard.

Our next-door neighbors had a few things they wanted to get rid of so they brought them over for us to sell. One was the elephant you see above. The irony of it didn't hit me until today. I should have kept it for the next ward Christmas party when they tell you to bring a white elephant gift!


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