"Those Fetchin' Neighbors"

Funny story:a little side note to the Annual Deer Creek Neighborhood GARAGE SALE!
For awhile the day of the garage sale, Shane was sitting out there with me. He was flaked out on the couch that we had already sold, but had not been picked up yet. He was watching the cars come around the island in the middle of our cul-de-sac. He commented that they all seemed to be stopping at the house a few doors down from us. Soon, I heard him grumbling: "They're taking our customers!" I told him to simmer down-- it was all fair and they were stopping because they saw something they were interested in. "I'm going down there to see what they're doing to steal OUR business!" He had a vested interest in our sale because he had cleaned out his room of all toys and knick-knacks with hopes of making big bucks. He marched off down the street. Soon he returned from his reconnaissance mission with important news: "Those fetchin' neighbors! They have a fetchin' awesome toaster for only five bucks! No wonder everyone is going there!"
He slumped dejectedly onto the 'SOLD' couch. His dreams of easy money shot down by a $5 toaster.


Shanna said…
"Those fetchin' neighbors" is the perfect Shane quote. Too bad that toaster wasn't for sale when you guys needed a new one so bad!!

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