Are Wii Having Fun Yet?

For Family Night activity we all gathered 'round the Wii to have some quality time with the Wii Fit. We had all tried it a few times so Dad wanted to have a turn. You have to have healthy self-esteem to do it in front of others because it tells you your fitness level in huge graphics and print right there on the screen. Well, Dad went through the whole testing and got the verdict. Then he decided to do some yoga. Who would have thought yoga could be an entertaining spectator sport? He was doing 'The Tree' and the avatar trainer said in her creepy voice, "You seem a little shaky." (Dad had fallen off a few times) and Dad yelled, "You'd be shaky too if you were obese!"

"This is the night we've waited for, always a treat we have in store. We love each other more and more, with every family night......."


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