Seth Gets Back Tomorrow!

It's hard to believe our little Seffers is 16 years old! He has been gone all week on a 50 mile hike with the Boy Scouts. It's been a little quiet without him here...he has a witty sense of humor and also teases the younger siblings ...a combination that keeps things stirred up all the time.

Here's a little Seth story to cheer us up until we see him again:

After one of his crazy projects, Seth left a box cutter out on the lawn in the backyard. I asked him to go pick it up and make sure it was put away safely. Later, I asked him if he had taken care of it and he said, "Yeah, I put it away but there are blades all over the lawn out there."

I started to scold him about leaving those blades out there and the danger and foolishness etc . when he said: "BLADES OF GRASS! HAHAHAHAHA!"


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