He Needed That Like a Hole in the Head

Your Dad (AKA Andy) has to go in from time to time to have little bits of himself carved away due to skin cancer (the benign kind--luckily!)... and let me just take a moment to give you the MOM LECTURE about using sunscreen and avoiding the sun!! Anyway-- back to our subject:
Yesterday he had to go in and get a pretty big chunk taken out of his head-- usually he gets a little band-aid and he's on his way. But this time, it was stitches and really big bandage. So big, it looks like a yarmulke. He's been a little woosy as he tried to come home and continue his home improvement projects liking nothing happened. You know dad: "I'm fine! I've got work to do!" so we are trying to keep him from sharp objects and heavy machinery. I gotta go-- he may be trying to install a toilet under the influence of strong pain meds!


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