Shane, Seth and Stuart: Adventure on the Washougal

Just a quick story: The above three decided to go tubing on the Washougal--we went to Les Schwab and got some inner-tubes and they had me drive up the Washougal River Road and drop them off at a spot that they thought would give them a fun tubing adventure for an hour or so and they would end up in front of the cabin. Shane had a lifejacket on and they promised to be careful etc. etc. And off they went. I took Shayla and ran some errands and 3 hours later we got home and they were nowhere in sight. They had mentioned they would stop at any good swimming holes and play for awhile, so I thought maybe they just lost track of time.

Long story short-- they showed up 51/2 hours after I dropped them off. Soaked, exhausted and starving. Stuart dragged himself up to the porch first. He started telling me everything that had happened (wild rapids, long walks in shallow water, being dashed against rocks). Still, no sign of Seth or Shane. Stuart insisted they were right behind him. Finally, Seth emerged from the trees. He said, "I don't know why we thought that was such a great idea!" Then, at last, here comes Shane. He struggles up the bank, sloshes up to the porch and says: "THAT SUCKED!" And that pretty much summed it up. Though, they spent the rest of the evening and into the night regaling us with stories of their Great Adventure On the Washougal. I'm sure we will hear of it for years to come. (Who needs TV when you have stuff like that to talk about!?)


Shanna said…
Last time I intertubed down that stupid river was in the 9th grade, and I ended up almost dying. literally. I was bruised, cut, scraped, and seriously almost drowned. I still owe Daniel Carlson my life for pulling me out! Don't let them go again!! haha

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