Cliff Hanger

We recently inherited three Honda Odysseys and their various parts and pieces. None of them were running and one has no tires. In a matter of days, Seth, Shayla and Sam (with Shane working as the go-fer) had taken the engine out of one, completely rewound the pull-cord (after the spring flew out a few times) and taken the engine apart to see what was wrong. Then they put it in the Odyssey that is in the best shape and put it all back together. Seth had it running and took it for a spin. He came running in to tell me "Yeah, it runs great and goes pretty fast. Tomorrow I'll see if I can get the brakes fixed." You know, it seems to me that the BRAKES should have been the number one priority--but what do I know?

Well, today Seth got the brakes fixed. He took it further up our dirt and gravel road to try it out. I didn't find out until later tonight that he had drifted around the corner of one of the switch-backes and spun out. The wheels and front end were hanging over the 75 foot drop-off above the cabin. He said he carefully unbuckled the seat straps as it rocked precariously. Then he stepped out and dragged it back from the brink of disaster.

PS Tomorrow I'll try to get a picture of them driving it--everytime I run out with the camera they have driven out of sight. I wait and wait, then when I give up and go back in, they come roaring back.


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