I Love Lucy

This is our awesome kitty. Well, technically this is Shanna's cat. His name is Lucy. He was the replacement for Shanna's 13th birthday present that ran away. That cat was a half-brother of Lucy's and his name was Stormee (creative name courtesy of Scott, creative spelling courtesy of Shanna). Now, if you are still following along, Lucy is a boy. This confuses a lot of people, but here's the scoop on the name: We got him as a kitten from a litter that was born to a barn cat. The owner told me it was a girl. Shanna wanted a girl kitten (and in fact--we were told that Stormee was a girl as well and he surprised us by being a boy too--but I digress). Shanna named the adorable little kitten Lucy and we treated him like a girl. Pink dish, pink collar etc...but until we took him to the vet for his/her "fixing" we had no idea she was a he. The vet was a little patronizing (OK--he had already been through this with our last cat--he was entitled) as he explained cat anatomy to me AGAIN. I hadn't done a close inspection, I just took my friend's word for it. I had had kids in diapers since 1983--I had no desire to look too closely at anymore bottoms.

Well, the name had already stuck and he is just Lucy. It reminds me of that Johnny Cash song, "A Boy Named Sue". I tell people it's short for Luciano Pavarotti. It turns out it doesn't really matter what his name is, he never comes when we call him anyway. I think it has more to do with his cat-like indifference than his resentment over his name...but you never know.


Shanna said…
I love Lucy!! And it is like the boy named Sue...he is the toughest cat in the world because of his girly name! I'm glad to see that he hasn't been eaten by bears yet. =)
Katrina said…
Hi JoAnna! I'm not sure how, but I came across your blog. You are a great writer! It has been a morning of giggles! Thank you!!


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