Why I Homeschool: Reason #1,347

Our homeschool year began yesterday. We take an extra week to get started just because we can. But, this year Seth and Shayla are taking a few classes at the high school. Because our district was overwhelmed with so many new move-ins this summer, we couldn't even get Shayla registered and signed up for her classes until last Friday--two weeks after we started the process. Because of that she missed the first few days of the school year. She wanted to learn French and she's passionate about art so I figured a few hours a day at the high school would help her accomplish her goals. Today was only her third day in public school since 2003-- FIVE YEARS AGO. And she got detention. How, you may ask, does a home schooled girl who is only there for a few hours a day manage to get into that much trouble in only the first few days of school? That's the question I was asking. What dastardly crime did she commit? What horror did she perpetrate? I'm sorry to have to say this but...she had the nerve to eat her lunch and then head to her class SIX MINUTES EARLY (gasp) and sit in the hall waiting for the teacher. That little trouble-maker! You know she's headed for a life of crime. Whatever shall we do with her? The worst part is, she was yelled at as though she were a scofflaw: "GET OUT OF HERE!" She was so shocked she didn't know how to respond.

Of course it's my fault for homeschooling her. She hasn't been properly socialized. We have this silly idea that being early is a good thing and that being anxious to learn is to be encouraged.


Shanna said…
I cannot believe this. That makes me so mad. Poor Shay!! Detention is SO stupid! It reminds me of Little Women with Marmy gets all huffy about the teacher and pulls her out of school. You should go tell someone off Mom!!

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