Swim! Said the Mama Fish, Swim if You Can!

As if living in a cabin down by the river weren't awesome enough-- now we have the amazing salmon run. It's happening right in our front yard! The salmon are coming back from the ocean and swimming UP the river to spawn and then die. It's so Romeo and Juliet! (Except the fish don't kiss...or even hold hands... in fact salmon don't have any idea who their parents are--but that's a biology lesson for another day). So guess what?! Dad went and got himself a FISHING LICENSE! Can you believe it? Miracles never cease! Everyone had a great time today trying to catch a fish-- to no avail. It turns out the salmon are not interested in any tasty bits of fishbait or shiny lures. They are single-minded in their quest to reach the place of their birth and begin the circle of life all over again. But luckily Nick Weis came over and brought us a delicious salmon that he caught back in the ocean--where the fish are sensible.

(Does the title bring back any memories? "Down in the meadow in a little, bitty pool. Swam three little fishies and the mama fishie too! Swim! Said the mama fish, swim if you can! And they swam and they swam all over the dam. Boop, boop, dittum dattum wattum choo! Boop, boop, dittum dattum wattum choo! And they swam and they swam all over the dam!" A favorite bathtime song because you got to splash the water with every "Boop, boop" and "Choo"-- awww the sweet, simple pleasures of childhood.)


Scott & Nicole said…
I do remember!! It brought a tear to my eye.

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