Brotherly Love

To prepare Scott for some upcoming events in the life of new parents, I thought I would share this little memory today:

When Shanna was a newborn, I took her in for her immunizations. This was a major undertaking because I had to pack up Scott (age 3) Siara (age 19 months) and Shanna along with carseats, diaper bag, books and games for distraction etc. We got to the Kaiser clinic and waited our turn in the waiting room. When we got called back, I packed up my menagerie and followed the nurse. She had me lay Shanna on the table and Scott and Siara were standing next to it. I had no trouble keeping them near me because Siara had a tight grip on my leg and Scott was enthralled with all the gadgets and was busy asking a lot of questions. But soon he saw what was happening--the nurse turned around with a big needle and turned Shanna over. As she gave Shanna the shot, Shanna gave a little whimper but Scott burst into tears. I gathered everyone up to leave and as we walked through the waiting room some nice elderly people saw Scott crying and said,
"Oh! Did you have to get a shot today? Did it hurt?"
And Scott said,
"No! They shot my BABY!"


Nicole said…
That is hilarious!
usandkids said…
How sweet! It goes too fast. Congrats Grandma, she is beautiful! You will be the best Grandma, you have always been the best Mom!

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