Last week we had a full week of school and other projects around here. One day we made applesauce and the boys made a fire in the kitchen wood stove. While the apples were cooking, we gathered around the kitchen table next to the wood stove to discuss Van Gogh's painting: "The Starry Night". There was an insightful article about it in the Wall Street Journal and here at the
Gale Academy of Classical Education
we strive to provide a well-rounded education: one week it's dead coyotes, the next it's van Gogh...so we were having a lively discussion about color prompted by the article. Andy walked through the kitchen, heading out to pick up Seth and Shayla from their morning classes. He commented that we looked cozy and asked what we were learning.

I said, "This is heaven! A warm fire, canning applesauce and discussing art...it doesn't get any better than this." Then I got up to stir the applesauce on the stove.

Sam: (Loud whisper to Andy) "HELP ME"


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