Comparing Hair With Gramps

I have heard many times that being a grandparent is payback for all the work of raising children. Yesterday I held my first grandchild in my arms when she was only a few hours old. I walked into the hospital room and saw her and burst into tears. I couldn't wash my hands fast enough and then Scott put his little girl in my arms. I looked into that angel face and I physically felt my heart melt. And then an amazing thing happened. In that moment, Scott received absolution. Every all-nighter with ear infections, every two-year-old temper tantrum, every naughty back-talk, every mischievous deed, every smart-alec remark, every worry through the teen-age years--gone. The sweet halo of perfection in that baby spread out to include him. Why? Because all of that is simply the reality of getting a child from baby to adult. We learned together as we went along and we both got through it with love and relationship strong. And now he gets to start that journey. And it's payback time for Grandma.


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