Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sisterly Love

I mentioned that we had dinner at Shanna's when we were in Utah recently welcoming the new grand baby. Did I mention we are grandparents? Did I emphasize enough how ADORABLE Bailey is? Oh, and by the way, we have a new granddaughter and she's gorgeous. So, where was I?
Oh yeah, Shanna made delicious lasagna and as we were enjoying it, Scott said, "This is really good--I like the spices you put  in it." (or something to that effect) Then Shanna said, "Oh, good. I made a pan of it for you to take home, but I wanted to make sure you liked it first...I would hate to have you choking it down here and then when you go to leave, I bring out a whole other pan of it and say 'Here ya go'."

The reason I bring it up: it is pleasant to know that siblings can be so thoughtful, because as I am sitting here typing this, two younger ones are disagreeing very disagreeably. Hope. There is hope.

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