About a Boy--and Spinach

Here's an old family favorite:

When Scott was a sweet little three-year-old, I had him thoroughly brainwashed into thinking that spinach was a special treat. I happen to like spinach so it was easy to sing the praises of its deliciousness as I ate it. I told him it would make him healthy and strong and he would grow up big and tall if he ate it. We had it with our dinner on a regular basis and he always ate it happily. One day he saw that we were out of spinach and made me promise to get some the next time I went grocery shopping. He was very concerned about it and reminded me regularly until the day we went to the store.

It was the busiest time of day and the store was crowded. I had Scott and Siara and baby Shanna in and around and hanging off the cart. I was trying to hurry before we had any meltdowns and I really needed to get home and get dinner started. We got into line with our full cart and the line was long. Soon it stretched out behind us as well.

That's when Scott remembered the promised spinach.
I was desperate to get through the check-out line and get home. I began to negotiate:

Me: "Hey, we'll get spinach next time."
Scott: "Nooooooo, you promised we would get spinach."
Me: " We have all our food here and the line is long--how about I ask Dad to come back to the store tonight and get spinach?"
Scott: (volume rising) "YOU PROMISED ME SPINACH!"
Me : (Caving to complete desperation) "Look Scott, there are candy bars here by the check stand. You can choose any candy bar you want! Candy! Son look, candy!"
Man Behind Us: "Lady, I don't know how you did it but that is amazing"
Woman In Front of Us: (Giving me a look of disbelief) "Are you kidding me? He wants spinach instead of candy?"
What could I do? We got out of line and got spinach. And Scott--he grew to be 6 foot 5--so there's one more case of Mom being right. Not that I'm counting.


marilyn said…
You're an amazing mom!
jen said…
you are my hero.

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