The Blustery Day

We have been experiencing the howling east winds the past few days. It's an annual occurrence around here and we are used to it. One year the winds blew away our trampoline pad--it was completely gone so it had to have blown up and over a tall fence. The last few years the east winds have caused a VERY LOUD banging of our chimney cap at our last house. But this year, we have been experiencing it here in our 'house of sticks'--so it huffs and it puffs and it sounds like it's going to blow the house down--but so far we are safe and sound here in the cozy cabin.
Then, we were awakened early Sunday morning by a loud popping noise. I jumped out of bed and looked out the balcony doors and saw sparks shooting up into the night sky. About the same time I realized our power was out. The sparks were coming from across the river and across the road over there: A large tree had been blown over onto the power lines and snapped a power pole. Cars were coming toward the tree barrier at normal speeds and had to slam on the brakes. I picked up the phone and dialed 911. The phone I used didn't work because the base requires electricity--but the 911 operator called us back almost immediately! Dad explained the situation and soon we heard sirens. As the day wore on we saw a whole fleet of P.U.D. trucks over there working on the problem.
They cut up the tree that fell across the road, they put up a new power pole and carefully put all the wires back in place and provided a morning's viewing entertainment in the process. Luckily, they got the power back on in time for us to get showered before church. I think our ward members love us but it would have been asking a lot for them to tolerate us in our unwashed state.


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