Simple Pleasures

Who needs fancy toys...when you have an awesome box
and a brother

and a cat

A massage chair came in this box--something Dad ordered for Christmas but it came a little late.
The boys were getting restless when I remembered I had asked Dad to save the box for them.
He wasn't sure that we needed a box cluttering up the garage, but that's because he doesn't realize all the possibilities that are contained in an empty box.
Possibility #1: Peace and Quiet for Mom when the kids are happily occupied.
I told them to go play in the box and Shane said:
"Our afternoon just got booked solid!"
So did mine, Shane, so did mine.


Scott said…
Hilarious. I remember plenty of box-oriented entertainment provided throughout the years. Always the best.
Shanna said…
Oh man I miss those days. So much fun. I was telling someone the other day about the cornmeal and beans and rice and funnels/sifting ordeal you used to give us to play with. That was heaven!

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