This is a handy little gadget that Shane is using to help him with his New Year's Self Improvement...It's a fun way to keep track of his progress as he exercises more and also gives him suggestions for eating healthy. His "Coach" gives him daily challenges that send him running up and down the stairs ten times or doing 25 sit-ups at odd times. So, one of his Tuesday challenges was to plan a picnic for lunch the next day.
He was so excited, he had me make a list: Well, surprise! The next morning, he couldn't wait for lunch. He decided it should be a picnic breakfast! (Note that he scribbled out the word "lunch" on the list.)
He was up at the crack of dawn, making the sandwiches and filling the basket with healthy picnic foods.

Sam and I begged him to wait until the temperature rose to 40 degrees. At least.
He was NOT happy.

But he had mercy on us and waited an hour. Then we all bundled up and went out for our picnic. Note that Shane is NOT bundled up--he is oblivious to the cold.

A good time was had by all.

After we ate, we had stick throwing contests, a cherry pit spitting contest,
and sprinting races.

All in all, a pleasant outing in spite of the fact that it's not exactly picnic weather.
(Here's our Cat With No Name wondering why his crazy humans are eating outside.)


Scott said…
I thought the blog was called Panic and it took me some time to get my bearings. Looked tasty though.

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