For Your Convenience

As I was packing, I came across our 72 hour kit.
This handy item was added last summer when I updated.
(That was when I finally cleared out the size 3 clothes for our ten-year-old)
It has all the comforts of home... What's inside you ask?
Everything you need for potty convenience should you ever have to evacuate in an emergency.
Those are "astronaut diapers" on the right--pretty handy.
Also inside: gas masks, toilet bags, toothbrushes and paste and sanitizing hand wipes.
Everything you need to stay clean and sanitary.
I suggest you get one for your family.
Because if we all end up in a shelter, it's going to be BYOB
(Bring your own bucket!)


Katrina said…
LOL!!! This post is awesome!!! Good luck in California! We will miss you guys so much!

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