First Daughter

This little Lady is our Birthday Girl today!
That's her on her very special 8th Birthday--with her new white dress.
(And her sister and her cousin!) Happy Birthday Siara!

Siara holds a special place in our Family--
AND in our Hearts

Looking sassy in her pirate pantaloon pjs...
We had so much fun while she was home for Christmas:
she made yummy caramel popcorn and she helped us make a funny snowman.
She also had fun bonding with Shane over Purr Pals.

Modeling her magnificent Mittens

I would like to put up more pictures, but alas, they are packed away until we get moved into our new place. Look out for next year when I have access to the Gale Family Picture Archives!

Although a picture is worth a thousand words, it would take many more than a thousand words to tell you all the ways I love my Sweet Siara. She has been a precious part of my life from even before she was born. She is a girly girl and it was fun to dress her up in ribbons and curls and sew frilly dresses for her to twirl in. But she wasn't afraid to get dirty and spent most of her childhood outdoors running around in the dirt and the trees of our yard and neighborhood. She was artistic from the first time she picked up a crayon. Her creativity knows no bounds. She has a sense of style that the rest of us admire but can never seem to achieve...but she loves us anyway. She is bright and smart and always worried more than she needed to about grades--but it did motivate her to high achievements. She is loving and giving and her tender heart leads her to many kind acts. Her testimony has grown along with her. She was often moved to tears as a little child when she listened to children's songs about Jesus. One time she asked me "Why am I crying? I'm not sad." Her exuberance brightened up our home all of her growing up years. There was the classic tutu on the head during wrestling matches with Dad and brothers and the pure joy of cutting out hundreds of snowflakes and tossing them over the stair railing to watch them float down to her little brothers and sister below.
She grew up to serve in her YW classes and in Student Leadership at school. She was also a cheerleader and she did Mock Trial (one judge called her a "Barracuda"). She stayed true to herself. She expected her friends to respect her for who she was. And she did the same.

She has grown into a beautiful woman, inside and out.
We love you, Siara. Enjoy your day!


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