I've Grown Accustomed to Your Face

Up until the last year or so, my husband was a world traveler. His business obligations kept him on the road about 65% of the time. He had top status in several frequent flier programs and could navigate any airport like a pro.

I didn't like having him gone that much, but I adjusted to it. My adapting meant I was in charge at home. I ran things my way and it seemed to be working just fine.
Until the day he found out his job was eliminated.
He came home, deposited his box of work awards and plaques and mementos in the garage. Then he walked through the door and toppled my government in a bloodless coup.
It took some adjustment for both of us. Once a CEO, always a CEO. At first I bristled at being questioned about my every move:
"Where are you going?"
"Grocery shopping."
"What are you going to get?"
"Do you know the kids are outside?"
"Yes, they do that sometimes."
"What are they doing?"
"Playing, maybe goofing off."
He spent a lot time on the phone. This meant I couldn't make phone calls for my calling or visiting teaching or daughter chat time at my convenience. I had to wait around. Then I would be told:
"I'm expecting an important call, don't be long."

Of course, I wanted to be supportive in his job search and I also kind of hoped it would be a chance for us to have more family time. I had no idea just HOW MUCH family time.
So, here we are 15 months later and he has a new job. He has to go to San Diego to work so that means he has been gone for a week at a time for the past few weeks. I didn't realize how spoiled I had become in one short year...I miss him. Not just because I have to drive the kids 30 minutes to seminary. Or because I am back to doing all the car maintainence. Or even because I don't have his booming drill seargant voice here to help me supervise the youngsters.
I really do enjoy his company.


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