So Long, Farewell, auf Wiedersehen, Good-bye

So, last night Seth had a good-bye party here at the cabin with a bunch of friends.
The highlight of the party was going to be a live band. A couple of his friends have a band called "Focus on the Skyline"
They agreed to come and liven things up for us.
Just one little snag: two of the bandmembers were playing in the orchestra pit for the high school musical, "The Sound of Music"
Somehow, I found that endearing--these screamo musicians playing "The hills are alive, with the sound of music...." anyway--
that meant they couldn't get here until later.
But then they got lost on their trek to the cabin and that made
them even later.
The party got over at 11:00 and all of the girls were gone by then and a couple of the guys.
So that left a party of 5 to enjoy the music.
The band got here at 11:20. It took them 20 minutes or so to set up.
So they started their set at about 11:45.
It was loud.
I'm not really a fan but I have to say they do have musical talent--whatever it was they were playing and screaming was on key and in rhythm.
But I was concerned about the neighbors. Although we are out here in the boonies, we have one neighbor who is just a stone's throw from our place. She is in her sixties and has her eighty-something mother living with her.
The phone rang at midnight.
It was Florie --our neighbor. Seth answered it with some reservation. Here's the quote of the night for you:
"Hi, this is Florie, your neighbor. The music's GREAT! CRANK IT UP!"
Now that's what I call neighborly.


Shanna said…
That is the cutest thing I have ever heard. I love nice neighbors!

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