Field Trip!

Yesterday, the Gale Academy of Classical Education... Took a FIELD TRIP!
To the San Diego Wild Animal Park
The park is just a few minutes from our house...practically in our back yard!
(let's hope the animals don't get loose)
The wild animals were pretty amazing.
The butterflies were pretty wild too.

Here you see the elusive "Lepidoptra Ferocious"

Pink Flamingos!

Awesome Cheetah

There were many different animals and a huge
expanse of preserve.

Here you see the majestic Zebra in their natural habitat.
You may not be aware that chain link is actually a native
species of plant in the African Savannah.

We enjoyed our trip to the park and had a great time
looking at all the different animals ...
But this was our FAVORITE:
Bailius Humanus Adorablus


Shanna said…
Bailey is my favorite species too!!

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