Brother's Keeper

Last week after Scott's graduation, Spencer was finished with his semester at BYU as well and wanted to drive his cool 1970 Mustang up to Washington and spend some time there before his mission. We couldn't quite convince him to come to Cali and start over in a new place with all new people for a few months and then leave for two years. But, he did need to come here to interview with our Bishop and get any medical stuff done. In the meantime, his car broke down. That made me nervous--didn't really want him driving it for 13 hours in questionable condition. We solved that problem by paying a mechanic large amounts of money to make sure everything was safe. I still didn't want him driving alone. Luckily he has a brother or two at the ready to ride shot-gun in his cool 1970 Mustang. This time it fell to Seth to tag along. They had a fun road trip with no mishaps and they spent a few days in Washington in The Cabin by the River and then flew down here for the duration.

All of this reminded me of a little something that happened when they were little:
Seth and Spencer are a little short of two years apart. So, when Spencer was 31/2 and Seth was a little over a year, we sat the kids down and announced the exciting news:
"We're going to have a new baby!"
They all seemed excited and Siara and Shanna expressed hopes for a girl to even it up.
Over the next few days, I noticed that Spencer didn't seem as excited about the
whole new baby thing. When everyone else was talking about the new baby, he sat off to the side and looked sad.
Finally, I asked him:
"Spencer, are you unhappy about getting a new baby brother or sister."
He replied:
"I don't think we need a new baby, I like our OLD baby. I want to keep Baby Seffers!"


Shanna said…
I miss calling Seth "Seffers". I'm gonna vote to bring that back!

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