Strangers in a Strange Land

Tonight was Mutual/Scouts/Webelos/Young Women
Nothing unusual about that.
That's been a part of our routine for a good many years.
But when you are in a new place, you can't take for granted that you will just up and know everyone and where they live and who is where and what is what.
So, this evening, Shayla loaded up her bucket and sleeping bag and we set off for
Young Women/Mutual.
We had a phone number of the home where they were meeting.
So she called and got an address.
We confidently plugged the address into our trusty
GPS (we don't leave home without it!)
Then we drove all the way to the place where the
told us to stop:
"Destination on the right!"
Only one number was missing on the house. There where there should have been a six,
there was a blank spot. Odd.
But the GPS had not steered us wrong before.
So, Shayla took her bucket and sleeping bag in hand and went up to the door.
She rang the bell and waited.
We were a little early, but we thought there should be more cars. Hmmm.
She waited, and waited. I waited and waited.
Sam was anxious to get over to the church for his Boy Scout meeting.
Finally she trudged back to the car.
I picked up my phone and quickly dialed the number again.
I jumped in with:
"This is Sis. Gale. I'm sorry to bother you again, but I seem to have the wrong address."
I heard, "You have the wrong number. HELLO--you have the wrong number!"
Someone was probably wondering why a nun called her.
Just then, a ward member we recognized drove by and told us the house we were looking for was the next block up.
Shayla was mostly concerned about traipsing around with a bucket and sleeping bag, like a little vagabond. Nice way to introduce ourselves to the new town-folk.
We did finally make it to the right house, and everyone had buckets and sleeping bags because they are loading up their stuff for a trek on Friday. Oh yeah, we thought we were leaving the trekking behind in Washington! But some things are the same wherever you go!


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