This Boy

Because this boy: Graduated from BYU with a 5-year degree in
Chemical Engineering...
We got to see this sweet family!

Seth got to celebrate his BIRTHDAY the night before graduation
with his WHOLE
(And the cute server wrote:"Happy Birthday"
in chocolate around his dessert plate)

We also got to "Ohhhh" and "Ahhhh" over
this Little Darlin'!
(And her Mama: the lovely, talented and patient, Nicole)

We got to see Siara and her Honey.
(They ran a Half-marathon the week before--WOW!)

Shane got to spend time acting silly with his big sister:

AND with his big sister Shanna's cute, little, kitty:

Because This Boy makes us so VERY proud and happy--
we were thrilled to be there for this special
Milestone in his life!
And we hope to be together for many more in the lives of all
these boys and girls...
And when we are all done,
We hope to be together


Shanna said…
Bailey in the graduation hat is possibly the cutest and most hilarious picture I have ever seen. It is now my computer background.
Scott said…
Just to clarify it was a 4-year degree that took me 5 years to earn...
mamagale said…
Scott, you are such an engineer! I need all the help I can get keeping the facts straight and the details accurate...which is why I am blessed with 8 kids and their various gifts and talents!

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