A Moving Experience

I have been a little busy lately trying to bring order to chaos--something I find very satisifying. Each box I empty is another step closer to making this house a home.

I am still mourning the loss of my pictures so I decided to paint a picture today with the proverbial "thousand words". Let's see how that goes!

Here you see the driveway of our cabin in Washougal the day we were leaving:
Note the hail on the ground in big drifts--
There is our car all loaded up with kids and all their
stuff. Sam is making a funny face and Seth looks very
serious. The cats are tucked into their carriers. They
look a little nervous.
The weather made it easier to look forward to California sun!
Next, a picture of the black cat. The kids decided to name him Tuna:
He's stretched up on the dashboard, looking out the
windshield as we drive. He seemed to enjoy the long drive in the car.
Here's a picture of the front of someone's car:
The youngsters took this picture in the parking lot of
a big gas station/fast food complex.
It's a poor bird that got hit and then stuck in a
perfect, wing-spread pose in the front grille.
Look at the pretty yellow feathers!
You're probably glad about now that that picture got lost!
Here's a picture of Lucy:
See his eyes glowing in the dark?
He jumped out of the car when we
stopped at our hotel on the 1st leg
of our journey. We tried to hook a leash
to his harness but he slipped away from us.
We were all so worried, but Sam caught him
and Dad put the leash back on.
The last rest stop before our new hometown:
Here you see a picture of a
beautiful sunset over the
ocean. Seth is the photographer.
Then, he took a picture of himself
with the sunset in the background.
And that concludes the word pictorial of our journey from our home in Washington,
to our new home in sunny California!


Katrina said…
BEAUTIFUL!! FANTASTIC!! I love the pictures!! I can picture them perfectly!! So glad you guys made is safe and sound.

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