A Love/Hate Relationship

This post was supposed to be a pictorial on our recent migration from our long-time home in the Northwest to our new home in Southern California. I had lots of great pictures. I downloaded them to my computer.
Then they disappeared.
I admit I am not very computer savvy but I haven't had a problem with my pictures before. I really wanted the pictures back, so I went on HP's online live chat "Help". My cheerful helper was named Aliji. I wonder where he's from? He seemed happy to help me resolve my Mystery of the Disappearing Pictures. He said things like
"I am happy to begin the help with your problem and get it resolved."
He answered many of my explanations with:
Then he asked me to click on "My Computer"
My PC doesn't have "My Computer" it just has the very
succinct: Computer
I clicked on it and it didn't come up with the things on the toolbar that Aliji thought I should have.
Then my computer crashed.
So I am on Andy's laptop venting my frustration at technology:
Technology, you can be so helpful most of the time, what happened?
It's me, isn't it.


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