Living the Dream

Ever since Seth was old enough to notice the airplanes in the sky,
he has been fascinated with flying.
He spent many hours working on models of his own design
and trying them out in the backyard.
Seth with the Airport Cat
He was a reluctant reader, but anything to do with planes
would entice him into reading happily.

We happened to move to a house that's right by a rural airport.
We happened to move into a ward with a very enthusiastic Flight Instructor.
He is starting an Aviation Venture Crew.

Since Seth already finished Ground School back when he was a Freshman,
he got to fly the plane. He did the take-off and the landing.

He's going to help train the rookies in his Venture crew.

He took a picture of our house from the air!

Now he has a reason to set his sights very high.


jonikartchner said…
Love the photos of Seth with the plane, especially the one inside of the plane. That is the face that makes me think of the scripture, "Men are that they might have joy".

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