Birthday Blog: Our Favorite Daughter-in-law

I have been blessed with five sons.

Each is unique and wonderful and each has been a joy and a challenge in their own special ways.

They grow up so fast I've hardly had time to catch my breath between walking, talking, reading, driving, leaving for college, and for the oldest: mission then marrying.

As I have raised these sons, I couldn't help but think about their future (there are times when you have to remember the big picture to get through the moment!)

I have hopes that each will find a wonderful girl to marry.

But I never imagined a girl as wonderful as Scott's wife, Nicole.

She's set the bar pretty high for the other boys.

She's smart and pretty and funny and kind and patient.

She is an amazing mother to Bailey--which makes Bailey a sweet and pleasant little baby.

She handles the craziness of our big family with grace and aplomb.

She pitches in and helps naturally and quietly.

She has a strong and abiding testimony.

She is fun to be around.

She's a good cook.

She loves Scott.
We love her.

Happy Birthday Nicole!


Shanna said…
We do love Nicole!!! She is the most perfect match for Scott and our family.
Nicole said…
you are too nice! i love you guys and am glad to be part of your wonderful family!

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