This Mother's Day

Yesterday was Mother's Day. The sky was a brilliant blue and the sun shone.
As usual. But my special day actually began early--the day before when this little
surprise turned up in my dryer. My new "Tuscan Chestnut" dryer.
It's gum.
Luckily I have this--
A mom's best friend:

Spencer worked so hard digging out a pine tree for me,
He got blisters on his hands:

He's got a style of his own--let's call it
"California Hick"

We don't have a pick-ax or even a pointed shovel.
But he's an Eagle Scout you know, so he found a way to
make it work with his camping hatchet.

Here's the pear tree he planted for me in place of the pine.
On Sunday, Scott gave Bailey to me during church and I got to enjoy my
sweet granddaughter during the meeting. She was adorable, as usual.
Scott and Nicole also gave me a beautiful yellow rose plant and
a sizable chocolate bar...both much appreciated.
Shane sang with the Primary children in Sacrament Meeting--
or rather, he stood at the back and mouthed the words. I'll take what I can get.
After church, I got out a favorite file of mine:
Kids Creations
My file cabinet has been packed away in long-term storage and to tell you the truth
I hadn't looked in that particular file for many years before that.
It was like a time capsule of Mother's Days Past.
We all had a good time reminiscing and laughing over the pictures and sentiments.
There were coupons for chores and promises of good behavior.
A coupon from Shanna (when she was 7 and he was 1) said:
"I will keep Seth busy for one hour"
Scott noted that there was no expiration date.
"Call Shanna and tell her you need her to come and keep Seth busy for an hour."
A beautifully drawn flower with a note from Siara said:
"Happy Mather's Day"
Each little note and drawing is precious and I'm glad I saved them.
I can't believe how fast the years go by.
I enjoyed long phone conversations with Siara and Shanna later in the day.

Seth made a beautiful Mother's Day dinner for me.
(Note the beautiful bouquet of flowers on the table--that
was from Dad along with some very yummy
chocolate-covered strawberries!)

And Dad took a nap for me.
All in all, a lovely day.
I have the best job in the world.


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