Saturday, May 9, 2009

New Home, Sweet Home

Lizards instead of slugs. This was the family room 2 weeks ago--
Not quite ready for the "after" picture because
we still need to hang pictures.
Andy's "after" picture looks the same:

This little fella was packed away for 9 months:

Now he's perched back up on his roost in the kitchen:
(he's at the far left over there--barely in the picture!)

We ate outside for the first few weeks until we got a
dining table...that's fresh strawberry lemonade and
peach lemonade!

Our back yard at sunset:

Sooooo many boxes--luckily there are lots of
helpers here:

Uncle Seth taking a break with little "Bales"

Our first Sunday dinner on our new table--Scott & Nicole
made a DELICIOUS meal for us!
(this is the replacement for the
big, round Amish table that I left behind at the old house--it's not round.
And it's not Amish, I believe it's agnostic.)


Shanna said...

I love your yellow KitchenAid mixer! Perfect choice.

jonikartchner said...

Audrey has slept in this morning, so I was able to enjoy your blog. I smiled, laughed and wept. I've also been enjoying the music!!! Love it!!! How I am going to miss the Gale Family. But, it is such a great opportunity for you my dear friend and I can now enjoy your blog.

Jake will be wanting to move there when I show him the photos of the lizard and the pool. I'm thinking your boys LOVE the lizards, too! Does anyone miss the slugs???

I "stumbled" onto Shanna's blog. Again, I smiled (bird houses and swim suits), laughed (new kitty going to the vet...not without a small car crunch first), and then cried (daddy getting his blood pressure taken with sweet daughter on his lap to take care of him). This has been a fun way to get my day going! Thank you JoAnna and Shanna! Love, Joni