Foil Dinners...

...California Style!
Our new friends, Bro. Cabrera and his son:
Bro. Cabrera offered to bring the food for the Father/Son Campout--

"You bring the drinks, I'll take care of the foil dinners."

We got pop and Gatorade--

He Brought all this!

It was catfish, salmon and scallops.

Cilantro and lime.

Mushrooms, zuchinni, tomatoes, and tiny potatoes.

Not your typical campout fare.

And he left the leftovers for me and Shayla.

Did I mention he was a gourmet chef? And he used to own a restaurant?


Looks super yummy! I would have never thought of most of those things for foil dinners.
Hey Gales, it is good to catch up with you. I'm not sure how Larissa found your blog, but I'm glad she did. Don't know if you know it, but a job loss in Vegas eventually brought us back to Hillsboro and the great northwest. Looks like you landed in sunny SoCal, so way cool for you all. We'd love your contact info.

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