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Gentle Reader,

I feel the need to apologize for my neglect of late. I have been out and about doing very physically and mentally difficult things. Difficult mostly because I am getting on in years and my muscles and my brain are not what they used to be.
I climbed a mountain with Shayla and spent the night in the wilderness sleeping on a rock. We filtered water from a stream to cook our food and my tent-mate got altitude sickness and spent the night heaving into the wild and natural habitat that surrounded our camp. We got up the next morning and climbed even higher. Then we packed up and hauled ourselves back down the mountain on the same steep trails that nearly killed me on the way up. When someone tells you you're going to hike something called "Devil's Slide" that should be a red flag! It implies Evil and Steep-- a deadly combination.
But, I was so taken by the amazing scenery and rugged beauty of the California wilderness it was almost worth it. And even without that--it was a pretty cool mother/daughter bonding experience. Although next time we feel the need to bond, I think we'll just go get a pedicure.


Shanna said…
I want one of those cute hats! Where did you get them?? The only hats like that in our house are N.C. State and they smell like boy.

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