Moving Mountains

The first order of business upon moving into our new abode, was to get a garden in. It is a little late in the season but hey, it's California--so let's hope it stays warm enough for a harvest of some kind.
Since we live on a rocky bluff, our soil is ground rock--not great for gardening. Luckily, we are surrounded by farms which means plenty of smelly compost for sale.
We had this mountain of fragrant dirt delivered. Our neighbors love us ("Those new people have hardly been here a few weeks and they are already bringing down the house values with big piles of smelly dirt!")Moving the dirt from the driveway to the garden out back became a fun family project.
Fun is a relative term. In this case not related to anything fun at all.
But since I'm a mom I like to try to delude my children into thinking that working together is wholesome family recreation. They weren't buying it. I'm glad to know we have smart kids.
The daunting pile of gravel was more daunting than it should have been, thanks to the generous gravel delivery man. "I got you a full load even though you only asked for 6 yards--no charge!"
He told me that after he had already unloaded the full load onto my driveway.

Sam and Shane worked hard.
Because they are getting paid--cold, hard cash brings out the
best in our children.

Seth: shoveling for fireworks money.

The hopeful, dirt-filled garden boxes.

Will our hard work pay off? Will there be vegetables and berries and flowers?
I'll keep you posted.


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