Back to the Woods

We took a little trip to our old home state: Washington. It was an 18 hour trip with Andy and I trading off the driving--quite the marathon!
After living in our cabin for nine months, I was ready to get back to civilization.
But as they say: Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder...

It was nice to come back as "visitors".

I'm determined to find the time to try out my Christmas present!

We enjoyed the 4th of July in a state that doesn't go up in flames with just the hint
of a sparkler.

My favorite cozy reading nook.

Ohhhh--this piano. Love this old piano.
Dare I say--more than the baby grand that holds
court in our home in California?

Many a cozy fire warmed us here through the winter.

There is something peaceful and calming about the natural
state of wood.

This table has once again become the gathering place for late night talks.

The beautiful kitchen that Andy created.
Luckily you can't smell the rotting corpse of the dead mouse that
crawled away into some nook or cranny and died.
Just one of the little quirky surprises that keep things interesting
out here in the wild.

Oh--and Shane turned 11.


Shanna said…
We. Can't. Wait. And Happy Birthday Shane!!

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