Return of the Bats

You may recall the recent difficulty we had with some bats in our cabin. Just a little disagreement about who belonged in the cabin and who belonged out in the forest catching mosquitoes and other insects.
Who paid the mortgage and who just took up residence without asking.
Who wanted to sleep peacefully in the cozy cabin bed and who keeps flapping around the bedroom all night. Well, we thought we had resolved the dispute and peacefully relocated the bats. (That story is here:
But the minute we left for California...those nervy bats moved right back in!

Each night when they think I'm asleep,
It's Party Time
For the Bats!

My solution is to open the balcony door and kindly
beckon to them:
"Sorry guys the party's over, time to go."
They mostly ignore me and continue to flap their
little wings and swoop back and forth past the open door.
I don't really believe that bats purposely fly into
one's hair to freak one out.
But just in case, I duck and cover my head if they get too close.

My sons and their friends have other solutions.
Don't worry--it just stuns them long enough to escort them from the premises.


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