Morning Constitutional

My favorite morning workout here in Washington is a good brisk walk up the road
by our cabin.

Come along and I'll show you why I love it!

This is the gate that leads to our road, I don't think it has ever been closed--hopefully
the sign will keep the scofflaws out.

It's hard to keep a brisk pace when there is so much to look at...

The road is VERY steep!
This place is for sale--we could be sometimes neighbors.

Looks like the blackberries will be coming on soon.

This sign is to discourage the unauthorized partiers from trying to get to the river from here.

There actually is access, but SHHHHH, don't tell anyone.

Right about here, my calves are really feeling it.
Also right about here, I often see deer--but never when I
have the camera with me.

The road ascends so quickly that I come out of the trees to views like this.

Soon, I'm up where the farmland begins--these grapes are part of
what was once a tidy, well-kept farm. The owner is now
elderly and things are getting overgrown.

Back past the farms and down the road. It's just as
hard a workout going down because it's hard to
keep from tumbling forward on the steep road!

And home again, home again, jiggety jog!


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