Matchmaker, Matchmaker

Have you ever been driving down the road and seen a shoe on the side of the road?
Or perhaps a solitary shoe all alone in a parking lot?
Or maybe the odd shoe kicked aside next to a gas pump at an isolated gas station next to a well-traveled freeway?
I have.
And my first thought upon witnessing this lonely shoe phenomenon is:
"Some Mom somewhere is asking her child what happened to their other shoe."

And you know the child is giving her the usual reply:
"I don't know."
And that Mom is thinking:
"It has to be somewhere--if we've got one shoe, the other has to be in the same vicinity!"
And the child stands there hopelessly holding their one shoe as the Mom instructs them to go look in the place where they found the solitary shoe.
And when he or she doesn't come back with the AWOL shoe, she goes into
Mom overdrive:
"Where did you have them last?"
"How can you lose one shoe and not the other?"
"Surely it must be around here somewhere!"

I bring this up because Seth started out from California with two shoes and arrived in Washington with only one.
What happened to the other one?
Was it tired of the sibling unrest that was going on in the backseats?
Just looking for a chance to jump ship and leave all its troubles behind?
Feeling a sudden case of wanderlust and went looking for adventure?
Was it maybe "irreconcilable differences" with its mate?

We'll never know because the shoe just disappeared without an explanation.
And Seth was left with one shoe. Which is not useful when you have two feet.
So, I'm thinking, someone needs to start a match-making website for lost shoes.
If you find an odd, lonely shoe, pick it up and take a picture of it.
It could be posted on a website for long-lost shoes.
Then, those of us with lonely, single shoes could look there to see if a match was found!

I'm thinking a good name for it would be:
Sole Mates


Katrina said…
Hahahhahahha!! I LOVE this post!!

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