Upcoming Events

In anticipation of the
First Annual Gale Family Reunion,
I've been keeping my eye out for fun activities we can all enjoy together.
Whilst perusing the local paper, I came across this little gem:

Oregon Coast Aquarium: The art exhibit installed in the aquarium's
"Passages of the Deep" area features original gyotaku art prints by
Mr. Somebodyorother. Gyataku involves the application of paint directly
onto a fish and transferring it onto rice paper. The pieces will be on
display for a year and are for sale."

I'm thinking this would not only make a great outing but also would
be a fun idea for a little craft project when we got back to the cabin--
There will be all those salmon swimming upriver about then!


Shanna said…
Mom you're so funny. Will there really be salmon in the river then?! That will be awesome. We wanna hike Multnomah Falls!!
Jan said…
We were actually just in Newport at the aquarium and the prints are pretty cool... Now that we're home, I wish I had gotten one--or a couple!

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