Birthday Boy!

Today is Spencer's Birthday. I would love to have posted some of his adorable baby and childhood pictures, but alas, I am restricted by the fact that my laptop decided to take a vacation and spend a leisurely week in the HP repair facility--probably kicking back, soaking up the sun even as I type. So, I am reduced to mere words to express Birthday wishes.

Spencer is our fourth child, second son. So he brought balance to our family. Though the girls weren't happy at first, that they got a baby brother instead of a sister, they took about 30 seconds to decide he was adorable enough to overlook this. Scott of course was thrilled to have a brother after many years of putting up with Barbies and playing house and "Pretty, Pretty Princess". Spencer was a delightful baby so it was easy for everyone to love him and he thrived in the loving circle of his family.

He could have ended up spoiled rotten but he just wasn't the type. Every Birthday and Holiday were extra joyful because Spencer got so excited and couldn't keep it in. He was just as thrilled to see someone else open a gift and see what was inside as he was for his own gifts. After a friend party one year he said, "Mom, thanks for my Birthday--I just love birthdays!"

He found joy in simple everyday things as well. He spent hours out in the yard looking at bugs. He would pick up specimens and put them in his pockets. I usually would discover them later floating in the washer. But one time he came in from outside and was telling me excitedly about the amazing beatles he had found with colorful, shiny bodies and as he spoke, all the shiny beatles began crawling out of his shirt pocket and parading around the front of his shirt while I tried to contain myself and walk him back outside to let the beatles go back to their own home.

At least every other day as I was tucking him in at bedtime, he would say
"Mom, this was the best day ever!"

So, now that happy little boy is waiting for his Mission call. I hope he will find joy in his new adventures--that every day will continue to be the best day ever. Happy Birthday son.

And by the way,
You're welcome for the Birthday.


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