We Had A ...

Cabin Dwellin'

Beacon Rock Conquerin'

Missonary Preppin'

Fire Blazin'

Gramps Talkin'

River Flowin'

Free Fallin'

Water Divin'

Cliff Jumpin'

Dougan Falls Goin'

Bailey Totin'

Birthday Celebratin'

Deer Watchin'

BB Gun Shootin'

Arrow Flyin'
Face Scrunchin'

Picture Takin'

Stone Steppin'

Young Courtin'

P.I.G. Playin'

Basketball Trickin'

Ball Tossin'

Blackberry Findin'

Brother Boostin'

Blackberry Pickin'

Pie Bakin'

Crawdad Catchin'

Stud Posin'

Couch Sleepin'

Hair Cuttin'

New Stylin'

Big Al's Bowlin'

Pistol Packin'

Gun Shootin'

Trail Walkin'

Hike Goin'

Plant Explorin'

Scenery Gazin'

Hike Hatin'

Water Fallin'

Log Rollin'

Rock Sittin'

Tail Swingin'

Dinner Enjoyin'


Burgerville Savorin'

Cosmos Contemplatin'

Hand Clappin'

Family Lovin'



Nicole said…
i humbly request the removal of the picture of me in the swim suit. that's a lot for the internet to handle!
mamagale said…
Done--I'm sorry--I was just thinking how cute Bailey looked splashing her little feet. The fact is I would feel the same way about a pic of me in a swimsuit (even tho you look much better than I ever did!)
Shanna said…
I'd like to request the removal of several of the pictures, but I won't for the sake of record keeping. LOL And the video where everyone is mad cause I'm not out there?! I knew you all talked trash about me when I'm not around!!! =)
mamagale said…
Yeah, I debated about leaving the sound on because of that (and really, we just didn't want you to miss the big production--because we love you sooo much and it wouldn't be the same without you!!)and the fact that there is talk of a burn ban at the end but we cut off the part where I say "It was lifted because it rained two days in a row"...so it makes us sound like scofflaws!

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